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Taiwan Bookstore - Painting With Words

11:00 am – 7:00 pm | Sep 3rd | Granville 700 
11:00 am – 7:00 pm | Sep 4th | Granville 700
11:00 am – 6:00 pm | Sep 5th | Granville 700

Discovering oneself in literature is like using a flashlight to shine a light and reveal the things hiding in the shadows. Indonesian-Chinese and Malaysian-Chinese literature might seem obscure or lacking variety, but in reality, shining a light on these fascinating areas of literature reveals countless emotions, histories, and cultures just waiting to be discovered. Literature written in Chinese and all its linguistic varieties has come a long way carrying the stories of a people.

For countries with rich and colourful cultures and complex languages and ethnicities, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan have many similarities and complexities originating in issues of the post-colonial era. Although these countries may be independent, are their people also truly independent? Is merely surviving enough? In the literary world of these countries, these questions emanate from authors’ words, revealing the struggle to seek more than superficial independence or survival.

Painting With Words invites you to bring a flashlight and discover this captivating world of literature, but then to forge your own path and paint a map with your own unique and independent spirit.

Writing in a foreign land: The experiences of "immigrants" and "survivors" that cannot be inherited

Can Taiwan’s atmosphere and environment of free writing serve as a safe haven for literature in Chinese languages? Does the publishing industry have the resources and vision to be the mecca for Chinese language publishing? With the rise of e-books platforms, the development of audiobooks, crossover IP games, video, theater, VR/IR/NFT, and the integrated marketing of books—is it enough to let the experiences of “immigrants” and “survivors” that cannot be passed on to next generations cross the barriers of language, geography, and culture?

Taiwan Bookstore invited e-books platform Readmoo to collaborate, borrowing the Readmoo’s team’s professional experience, selecting a booklist for readers based on certain topics. Interesting books can be test-read and bought with the snap of a finger. Audiobooks and enlargeable fonts are available on the Readmoo reader, providing a better reading experience for book lovers.

About the Artist

Bookstore 2022 TAIWANfest - Iris Chen

Iris Chen


Book lover/curator at Intriguing Connections. A ferocious reader, I believe that being able to read and write freely and continuously exercise the ability to think independently is a blessing. My taste is somewhat on the quirky side. And I believe that the spark that ignites the minds of others resonates with the readers and the writers of those books. Intriguing Connections hope to facilitate those serendipity moments.

Bookstore 2022 TAIWANfest - Readmoo



Readmoo Ebook Store (“Readmoo”) is the largest and the only traditional Chinese platform that provides multi-integrated ebook services that encompasses e-store, social reading community, book-related contents, and creative market-place. By July of 2017, Readmoo also started a brand new product line of its own E Ink e-reader, mooInk. Currently, Readmoo is working with more than 6,000 local publishers and authors in Taiwan and is actively engaging itself in the international digital arena.

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