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Lumpia? Popiah? Run-Bing?

8:00 – 9:30 pm | Sep 3rd
Outdoor Stage | šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square North of the Vancouver Art Gallery

The daughter of famed writer Lin Yu-Tang described it as “a gift wrapped in white yarn”; the poet Du Fu spoke of “delicate fresh greens in a spring dish,” referring to its refreshing flavours of the spring season. This is the lumpia!

This is a dish of many names: in Indonesia and the Philippines, it is “lumpia”; Mandarin calls it “run-bing”; in Malaysia it is “popiah”; the Vietnamese call it “Cha Gio”; while the Dutch and Belgians know it as “loempia.” With the migration of people and expanding global trade, the lumpia spread from Asia to Europe. Even though their names may look slightly different, they are still pronounced quite similarly! When the lumpia arrived in new countries, it was adapted into the local diet with unique characteristics special to the area.

In Vietnam, the dish is eaten cold, with fresh, raw vegetables and cooked meats or seafood, and dipped into fish sauce. The traditional version in the Philippines is longer and thinner; the wrapper is only made of flour, water, and salt and is thin as wrapping paper. The Indonesian “lumpia semarang” has both fried and non-fried versions, and often has a filling of jicama. The Netherlands has its own modified version of the lumpia, which is more square-shaped and has a filling of both vegetables and fried rice. A classic Taiwanese version will add peanut powder and cilantro, alongside bean sprouts and cabbage—deliciously fresh. You can taste the local culture and customs through the ingredients, sauces, the thickness of the wrapper, the cooking techniques, and more.

What might a Canadian version of this dish taste like? Would you like to try some of the different types of lumpia? Taste the culture and stories rolled up in this iconic dish!

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