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Brilliant Time Starts From A Book

Donate a book to a friend far away

Brilliant Time X Vancouver TAIWANfest

11:00 am – 7:00 pm | Sep 3rd | Granville 700 
11:00 am – 7:00 pm | Sep 4th | Granville 700 
11:00 am – 6:00 pm | Sep 5th | Granville 700

A bookstore that doesn’t sell books, only lends…

To give Southeast Asian immigrants in Taiwan a chance to read books written in their native languages, Zheng Zhang and Yun-zhang Liao opened a bookstore that runs like a library in the alleyways of Taipei, called “Brilliant Times.” They invited Taiwanese tourists in Southeast Asia to bring back a book from their travels and donate it for the immigrants to peruse freely and without time penalty. On weekends and holidays, they even bring these books up to Taipei Main Station, to share with the migrant workers who gather there on their days off. 

Both Zheng Zhang and Yun-zhang Liao were previously journalists for 4-Way News, which was inspired by the newspapers in the Vietnamese communities of Canada. 4-Way News provides a source of information and a platform for the Southeast Asian immigrant community of Taiwan. After leaving 4-Way News, the two bookstore owners continue working towards their ideals with Brilliant Time Bookstore, the name of which was taken from the title of the 4-Way News founder’s biography, Luqian Cheng.

Brilliant Time Bookstore has become an important place for cultural dialogues between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It is also a hub for migrant workers to create literature, life, and soul, truly a Brilliant Time Bookstore for immigrants and locals alike!

How to collect…

  • Bring a book written in a Southeast Asian language.
  • These book donations are for our friends in SEA!
  • Give them to TAIWANfest Info Booth at 700 block on Granville Street. 
  • Feel free to write down a message to share with the next owner of your book!

TAIWANfest will ship the book donations back to Taiwan at the end of the year. Brilliant Time Bookstore will distribute the books to various immigrant communities, migrant workers, libraries, etc. Your book donation is appreciated!

Present with:

Logo - Brilliant Time

“Writing and reading is my freedom.” —Erin Ciara, Indonesia

Erin is the recipient of the Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants. Brilliant Time Bookstore exists because of stories like Erin’s.
For migrant workers who labour away in a foreign land, to have a book in their own language, no matter how briefly, that is their Brilliant Time!

When Erin returned home to Indonesia, she turned her living room into a library. She hoped to share the joy she finds in reading with everyone. “A successful life is to empower not only myself, but others, too.”

Brilliant Time Bookstore started a movement with Taiwanese tourists in Southeast Asia: If everyone brings back just one book in the local language, we can open new chapters in people’s lives!

One book—brightened over 800,000 migrant workers’ hearts.

One book—created connections from foreign country to familiar hometown.

One book—reignited the self-confidence of those who have lost it across the seas.

Brilliant Time Bookstore x TAIWANfest:
We invite you to bring a book from Southeast Asia to donate at the festival, pass it on to encourage our friends working far away from home!

“Menulis dan membaca adalah kebebasanku.” —Erin Ciara, Indonesia

Erin adalah penerima Penghargaan Sastra Taiwan bagi para imigran. Toko Buku Brilliant Time eksis karena cerita-cerita seperti hasil karya Erin.
Bagi para pekerja imigran yang bekerja jauh di negeri asing, memiliki buku dalam bahasa mereka sendiri, betapapun singkatnya, itulah Brilliant Time mereka!

Ketika Erin pulang ke Indonesia, dia mengubah ruang tamunya menjadi perpustakaan. Dia berharap untuk berbagi kegembiraan yang dia temukan dalam membaca dengan semua orang. “Hidup yang sukses adalah memberdayakan tidak hanya diri saya sendiri, tetapi juga orang lain.”

Toko Buku Brilliant Time memulai pergerakan dengan para turis Taiwan di Asia Tenggara: Jika setiap orang membawa kembali hanya satu buku dalam bahasa lokal, kita dapat membuka babak baru dalam kehidupan manusia!

Satu buku—telah mencerahkan hati lebih dari 800.000 pekerja imigran.

Satu buku— telah menciptakan perhubungan dari negara asing ke setiap kampung halaman.

Satu buku—telah menyalakan kembali kepercayaan diri mereka yang telah hilang di lautan seberang.

Toko Buku Brilliant Time x TAIWANfest:
Kami mengundang Anda untuk membawa buku dari Asia Tenggara untuk disumbangkan di festival, menyebarkannya untuk mendorong teman-teman kita yang bekerja jauh dari tanah air!

「寫作和閱讀可以讓她自由」– Erin Ciara, Indonesia

Erin 台灣移工文學獎冠軍,


Erin 回到印尼後,把自家客廳改造成一個 Gemas 鄉村圖書館
「成功的人生是能 Empower 自己,也 Empower 他人。」



一本書,讓Erin 用文字書寫連結異鄉的情懷。


燦爛時光獨立書店 Plus 溫哥華台灣文化節,


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