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A Time To Swim

11:30 am – 1:00 pm | Sep 5th
ANNEX | Downtown Vancouver

In the suburbs of Montreal, Mutang Urud is a family man. But in Malaysia, he was a voice of resistance for the Indigenous peoples of Sarawak. A Time to Swim follows Mutang as he returns home for the first time since he went into exile in 1992. The remote forest village, however, is not like he remembers it. Contrary to the will of the elders, cousins who once stood by him at the blockades are now welcoming the timber companies. Despite the threat of a lingering arrest warrant, Mutang cannot resist taking up his old cause again. A Time to Swim explores the effects of environmental destruction on the fabric of a community through the personal story of Mutang and his search for belonging in a place where the very ideas of home and heritage are slipping away.

About the Artist

Film 2022 TAIWANfest Ashley Duong Vancouver Ashley Duong

Ashley Duong

Director / Producer

Ashley Duong is a Montreal-based filmmaker and multimedia storyteller working to amplify marginalized voices by telling meaningful stories in fresh ways. A Time to Swim is her feature-length directorial debut. She also co-produced Land and Legends, an interactive website about the connection between the landscapes and myths of the Kelabit people of Sarawak, Malaysia. In the past, she has worked on the teams of projects such as Uvanga, a modern Inuit drama, and The Fruit Hunters, a documentary about how intertwined we are with the fruits we eat. Currently, she is creating short films for CBC Arts and a dance film about women and sports.

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